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Doing It Right the First Time

Company Meeting Brief

Executive Summary

Dave Mischler, President, reports our 2017 sales increased 15% over 2016 and orders were up 23%. Our internal scrap rate was also at a record low!  In 2018 we are expecting another 15% sales increase. Where there is significant sales growth, you will surely find “growing pains” to go right along with it. One of the biggest challenges for Daman currently is recruiting and training. During the course of 2018, we will be implementing new training programs to ensure that all current and new employees are trained to the same standard, easing this discomfort. “Doing it right the first time will always save time overall,” says Mischler.

Overall 2018 is looking like another year of growth and improvement! Quoting Mischler, “Our customer service during busy times is what sets us apart from our competition.”  

Gordon Weiler, Vice President of Sales, talked about 2017 and the different industry segments that we serve; coal and mining sales are moving up and oil and gas sales have returned strong.  Gordon also talked about sales growth in 2018 and the fact that we have more of a presence with four customer-facing people on the AMT (Account Management Team.) Daman’s goal in 2018 is to execute sales strategies to become more customer facing.

“Our value proposition to our customers rests in what each of you do daily.”

Service Awards and Employee Recognition

We recognized many employees for their commitment to coming in, on time, every day. Thirty-nine employees received Perfect Attendance awards for the fourth quarter, with 17 of those employees also qualifying for the entire year. In addition, there were 10 employees who received Excellent Attendance awards for the fourth quarter, with seven qualifying for the year. We also welcomed eight new employees in the fourth quarter of 2017 and seven new employees since the start of 2018. Our hope for them is that they will all thrive and become long-time employees here at Daman.

We awarded three employees for their many years of service with Daman. Jerry Combs and John Childress each with 30 years, and Doug Balmer with 25 years. Thank you for your dedication and hard work over the years!


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