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Daman's Ultrasonic Wash Video

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Learn more about Daman's ultrasonic wash system that is used on all of Daman's manifolds to remove  particles from machining, to add corrosion prevention and to provide a super-shine result.

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Video Transcription:

At Daman, machining the manifold is only the beginning. We believe that everything we do after machining is equally important. Investing $750,000 in a rigorous ultrasonic wash system is one of those things.

Every manifold produced at Daman goes through Daman's specialized ultrasonic wash system. High flow jets agitate parts when submersed. The parts oscillate in and out of the solution to allow a flushing action through all the oil passages throughout the manifold. Our wash solution cleanliness is maintained with 25-micron filters. Additional magnetic filters remove metal particles from the system. Captivation bubble implosions create intense cleaning energy within the solution, utilizing 40 kilohertz ultrasonic technology. Ductile iron products get an additional cycle for light corrosion protection that generally lasts at least six months. The ultrasonic specified solvent kicker provides super shine results.

Daman Products provides world class custom and standard hydraulic manifold systems. Contact us today to learn more about our superior manufacturing, engineering, and on demand inventory solutions.


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