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Daman's Take on the Essential Value of Distributors

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

As shared in February’s article Daman’s Unwavering Commitment to Distribution, Daman has a long history of supporting and working with distributors. We believe in the value of working exclusively with distributor partners who drive us to achieve greater manufacturing success by providing products and services that solve their technical and supply chain challenges. For instance, solutions such as The Daman Trigger System and the upcoming Quick Block, can provide custom and repetitive solutions with the same lead time as in-stock or on-demand standard manifolds. Our continuous improvement solutions have been dedicated to reducing cost and delivery times, improving quality, and providing greater design support for distributors.

In 2015, Fluid World Resource stated that in recent years, distributors have become an extension of an OEM’s engineering department. This trend has continued as there are still less resident staff engineers who are experts in fluid power technologies. Successful distributors then must understand their customers’ equipment and machinery and how they work with many different applications. Consequently, distributors must continue to bring greater expertise which forces their need to have more technical relationships with their go-to manufacturers.

Together, we are able to bring customers more comprehensive solutions that address the following trends and bring greater reliability, reduce downtime, and engineer better overall solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective:

  • Integrate multiple technologies (mechanical, electrical and controls including PLCs) and demonstrate how they will control equipment.

  • Offer internet solutions to expand product offerings for components that go into a complete system design, while easing the quoting process and shortening lead times.

  • Provide industry-specific components and complete solutions.

  • Reduce the risk of breakdowns and idle time.

  • Embrace Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, allowing engineers to remotely monitor various parameters of a machine’s performance by utilizing strategically placed, wireless sensors to provide data and even control over the Internet. IIoT technology can lead to better response rates for predictive maintenance and minimize downtime.

  • Reduce in-stock inventory to save money, while shortening or eliminating lead times for on-demand production of standard and custom components.

  • Provide custom kitting and supply chain solutions that can reduce vendor touch points and assembly times.

  • Bring remote services that mimic local assistance to customers in case of urgent troubleshooting, providing condition monitoring and fluid power training, and building systems or assembling sub-systems for customers.

  • Offer knowledgeable design and technical support for intricate applications with ease due to the broad range of experience with other customers and their uses.

Value-added distributors in the fluid power world are priceless and we view it as Daman’s role to help our distributors be as successful as possible. We aim to support them in providing solutions that take on the challenges such as those mentioned above.

To learn more about becoming a Daman distributor or expanding your current solutions as an existing Daman distributor, please contact our Quoting Team at


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