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Daman’s Q2 Company Meeting


President, Dave Mischler reports, “Orders are currently at levels not seen since late 2014. This will end up being a very strong year.” Throughout the company, Daman teams have risen to the challenge, doing whatever it takes to get their work done in order to meet customer expectations.  Our sales strategy and new product strategy are now mature enough that we can offset a modest industry decline without experiencing a sales decline. Therefore, if Daman experiences a softening of orders in 2019, we are now more prepared than ever to offset it.

Growing pains continue. Recruiting, training, and retention remain amongst our top priorities. “Training is our way out of this so that we can increase machine capacity,” said Mischler. “Turnover is much less than in 2017, and this is something we will continue to improve.”

SERVICE AWARD – Thank you Rich McIntyre for your 25 years of service to Daman Products!


Distributor Services Manager, Matt Giloth, reports that service level requirements are very high right now because the hydraulic market is very active. To accommodate the uptick in demands Daman has made some improvements, including more competitive pricing at higher quantities, and the on-going development of an e-commerce package for distributors. We are also actively developing new product and service offerings for our distributors, which we will release to the market in the next few months.


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