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Daman's Logic Valve Cavity

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Video Transcription

Daman is able to repeatedly meet the high tolerances required in logic valve body components. Other common vocabulary used for logic valve cavity include DIN valves, also called slip in valves and insert valves. These same terms are also used to describe the cavity, which is the machined feature of a manifold. The cap can be customized to optimize pilot flows to offer endless functions and hydraulic control over the valve operation.

Logic valves are high-flow poppet or spool elements that are controlled by small pilot devices. The average cost of logic valve elements can easily exceed the cost of a manifold in a hydraulic system. To assure accurate manufacturing of logic valve body designs, Daman has dedicated tooling for eight different valve sizes. Our financial commitment, a $250,000 capital investment in dedicated custom tooling for machining logic-valve cavities.

Daman's vast array of manufacturing and assembly capabilities offers a variety of two-way and three-way cavity body sizes. We can custom design and manufacture any additional sizes. All of Daman's logic valve cavities are cleansed in an ultrasonic wash, removing any machining particles. Daman offers a variety of manufacturing materials. There are no limitations. Daman also works with distributors to install their valve inventory into Daman's logic valve cavities.

Daman has invested approximately $70,000 in dedicated inspection equipment. Diameter and depth are verified on the machine to complete any necessary corrections. Our air gage process includes air spindles and master ring gauges, to inspect diameters, taper, and roundness to plus or minus one ten-thousandth of an inch. Our inspections are quick, accurate, and reliable. For surface finish inspections, our manufacturing team members utilize cell-dedicated profilometers.

Daman is dedicated to providing logic valve body components built to the highest-quality standards in the industry. The last thing you should have to worry about is your logic valve manifold quality.

To learn more about Daman's logic valve cavities, please contact us.


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