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Daman offers distributors e-commerce solution for top 400 best-selling products

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Driven by requests from our distributors, Daman gathered product data and photos to provide our distributor customers all they need to load Daman’s top-selling 200 standard products on their e-commerce websites. As demand for such data has continued to grow, we have now released product specifications and individual photos for Daman’s top-selling 400 standard manifold products.

According to Usablenet, B2B digital sales are expected to top $1.1 trillion by 2020, outpacing B2C growth twice over. By the end of 2019, it’s expected that manufacturers and wholesalers will account for a combined 30% of spending on e-commerce technology surpassing the rate of spending by online retailers.

B2B commerce platform provider Pepperi states that customer experience is the new currency as B2B customer stickiness keeps getting stickier. B2B online sales provides the opportunity to tap into new markets while having the ability to better respond to customer requests to shop anytime and anywhere seamlessly across multiple channels.

An Aberdeen Group survey shares that e-commerce can help suppliers provide a more memorable experience as 37% of respondents reported that a top challenge is to create unique digital shopper experiences that differentiates them from competitors.

Aberdeen shares that robust online stores require a comprehensive merchant tool set and customization options. B2B e-commerce users need to be able to edit inventory, track orders, process payments, handle shipping, create product descriptions, add images, and manage pricing.

If you are a Daman distributor and wish to receive the link to Daman’s product data for your e-commerce website, please contact our Sales Coordinator Karly Stone at


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