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Daman, MSOE and DURA-BAR Collaborate and Generate Verified Industry DATA

Until recently, pressure ratings for hydraulic manifolds made from ductile iron were based on book values and conservative theoretical calculations, making design engineers reluctant to specify it in lieu of steel for applications involving more than 5,000 psi. Now, however, a joint effort by the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Fluid Power Institute, Daman Products, Inc., and Dura-Bar, has determined that ductile iron can be safely used for operating pressures up to 6,500 psi.

The idea of establishing verified pressure ratings for ductile iron began when Daman decided to investigate using Dura-Bar ductile iron for high-pressure flanges. Both companies then looked at the same theoretical pressure data for manifolds.

Gordon Weiler of Daman Products explains, “For some time, fluid power manufacturers have been designing hydraulic components based on data that no one really remembers where it came from. By relying only on this ‘tribal’ knowledge, manufacturers have been making decisions that could have liability consequences. By partnering with Dura-Bar and MSOE, we’ve taken a step towards developing important data that will help greatly in the design of reliable, less costly components for high-pressure hydraulic applications. I’m not sure that Daman could have pursued this important testing alone. We found great value and power in this close collaboration of customers and vendors.”


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