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Daman Announces Faster Delivery for Custom Manifolds

As previously announced, Daman’s recent implementation of new equipment is complete and more capacity is now available to schedule additional manifold manufacturing. Just announced, the current lead time for repeat Daman custom manifolds are as follows.

If Daman has built a custom manifold for you before, the delivery is only 2-3 weeks with no expedite fee.

Provided that all RFP and design requirements and manufacturing specifications can be met, customers can receive any previously built custom manifold within 2-3 weeks with no additional expedite fee.  These short lead times can be expected unless demand greatly exceeds Daman's new higher capacity levels.

  • Complete custom project details and specific delivery needs required at time of quotation.

  • Stainless and products with coating may require more time.

  • Delivery for repetitive custom manifolds in the Daman Trigger System remains next day.

For new manifold designs, contact Daman about the lead time required for your project.

CONTACT US Share your specific project details or receive updated pricing. 800-959-7841


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