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Combat corrosion with stainless steel manifolds and surface treatments from Daman Products

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

At Daman Products, we've been making standard and custom hydraulic manifolds since 1976, giving our technical design and manufacturing capabilities breadth and depth that are unsurpassed within our industry.

Although we consider ourselves ahead of the curve, we've never stopped striving to exceed our customers' expectations. We believe that there will always be more we can do to contribute to the success of our partners in distribution and have established a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that permeates every aspect of our operations.

One way that we work to provide the best possible service is developing new product ideas. We regularly survey our customers to learn more about their needs and we are constantly researching new product possibilities to address the most pressing challenges facing distributors and end users.

Multiple options for increasing corrosion resistance

The problem of corrosion is universal. It creates major headaches for stakeholders in multiple industries. Daman offers a range of options for making fluid power systems more durable and resistant to corrosion. This includes manufacturing manifolds with corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel, as well as applying surface treatments that have a similar effect.

The material choices available through Daman Products are able to meet most pressure rating, application, environment, and cost requirements. We have found that most of our products are best served by 6061-T6511 aluminum or 65-45-12 ductile iron. However, we are committed to aligning our offerings with our market's needs and frequently receive requests for custom products in other grades of aluminum and ductile iron, as well as stainless steel, carbon steel and other advanced materials

Due to the material's overall durability and strong resistance to corrosion, stainless steel manifolds are often found in washdown, semiconductor, oil and gas, marine and other offshore applications. Most Daman standard products can be produced in stainless steel and we are continuously expanding our stainless machining capabilities so we can offer a wider range of custom stainless steel manifolds.

We also offer standard and custom manifolds in many other materials, including multiple grades of aluminum, ductile iron and brass. In addition, we can apply a variety of different surface treatments, such as electroless nickel, to improve corrosion and chemical resistance, increase surface hardness, or improve cosmetic appearance.

New product development at Daman

The Daman Creative Team is constantly seeking to identify new products or services that would address pressing market needs. The team engages in extensive economic and technical research throughout the development process, using a rigorous stage-gate to weed out infeasible projects and take our best ideas from concept to commercialization.

Before we move forward with an idea, we always ask ourselves who will buy it and what benefits it will provide. Once we have developed a prototype, we perform product‐performance and customer‐acceptance tests. Additional rounds of testing are completed as production is scaled up, so we can ensure to meet the high quality standards we are known for.

When we are confident that a new product is ready, we engage our customer base with educational programs and conduct a limited launch in select test markets. As the product goes into commercial use, we monitor its performance and continue actively seeking opportunities for improvement.

Contact us to learn more about the full range of technical characteristics and mechanical properties we offer for our products, such as temper designations, nominal chemical compositions and typical mechanical and physical properties for all materials.


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