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An Upgrade for Cell E: Mazak HCN-6800

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

This month, we have unveiled our newest Mazak technology. The HCN-6800 horizontal machining center features a smooth control and a 1000psi coolant system. Located in our Cell E, the new machine is primarily used for custom ductile or aluminum products and has vastly improved machining efficiency over the cell's previous vertical machining center.

Before, Cell E was home to an older vertical Mazak that had limited capabilities. For a custom cell, these machine limitations were not versatile enough to provide the mix of products requested by distributors.

With the new horizontal machine, we are now able to produce the variety of product required for a custom cell and have expanded our tooling capacity from 60 to 160 tools.

While the addition of the new HCN-6800 has greatly improved production capabilities, we didn’t stop there. A recent series of upgrades to another older machine in Cell E has created a second machine with identical capabilities as the new HCN-6800. With these new upgrades, we are now able to double our already expanded machining capabilities in Cell E, resulting in greater efficiency and machine capacity.


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