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Need a Partner for a Custom Hydraulic Manifold Development Project?

Companies in many industries depend on fluid power systems in their daily operations, and there are various reasons why a new custom manifold may be required. For example, ineffective design may be causing turbulence that lowers efficiency and places unnecessary strain on the system's components. Alternatively, the system may be working properly, but needs to be expanded or altered due to changing operational requirements.

At Daman Products, we know that better system design starts with a manifold, and we are committed to providing our partners on the distribution side of the industry with the full range of design, manufacturing, shipping and sales support services that are required to meet their customers' needs.

Custom products are a particular strength for us: they account for about 65 percent of our production. Our team of full-time designers has a strong track record of creating designs that respect industry conventions, while being able to accommodate per-application requests dictated by unique circumstances. We process more than 140 custom manifold quotations every week, with the goal of processing each one within 24 hours.

No matter which stage of development you are currently in, Daman Products can help you create a functional product that meets your specifications. We offer custom design and manufacturing services for hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds made of ductile iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.

Flexible ordering and fast shipping with the Daman Trigger System

Distributors can depend on us to not only design and manufacture custom manifolds that meet their customers' needs, but also to provide fast, reliable shipping and sales support. Our unique Daman Trigger System allows us to bring the proven reliability of our standard product fulfillment systems to repetitive custom projects with annual usage as low as 10 pieces.

Once a product has been set up in the Trigger Program, the distributor can have parts shipped on demand within 24 hours, without having to worry about tracking their inventory or submitting purchase orders in advance. Current forecasting processes can be reduced to simple quarterly conversations about expected and maximum usage.

We use these estimates to build a small inventory of the custom product and refill it as it is depleted, limiting the distributor's financial commitment to the minimum product quantity while ensuring that an adequate supply is always on hand to meet unexpected changes in demand.

If you are looking to have a custom manifold developed, contact us today by calling 800-959-7841 or sending an email to to learn more about our capabilities. Expedited design services are available.


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