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Integrated Filter Cartridge Manifold Solution

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Daman Products has once again demonstrated its innovative attitude towards design with the Integrated Filter Cartridge Manifold solution. An idea believed by most system designers to be too complex, Daman has taken on the challenge and successfully integrated an efficient, high-quality filter cartridge solution into its manifold design portfolio.

Traditionally, placing a filter in a hydraulic system has meant adding a filter housing as a loose component. This separation of parts has resulted in excessive plumbing labor and leak points for distributors and their customers, as well as providing a bulky, costly product.

With Daman’s Integrated Filter Cartridge solution, we are now able to:

  • reduce assembly time with fewer components,

  • reduce leak points,

  • offer a more compact design,

  • improve field maintenance serviceability,

  • reduce costs,

  • decrease our hydraulic component footprint, and

  • eliminate long lead times.

Our distributors agree that Daman’s Integrated Filter Cartridge solutions are an industry game-changer.

“Standard filter housings have limited pressure and flow characteristics based on the standard housing casting availability. As a custom, specific drillings can be used to improve flow characteristics and pressure drop,” notes one of our forward-thinking distributors.

Asked why this solution is helpful to customers, another distributor states that it “reduces connection points,” resulting in a more fluid design and ultimately, a higher-performing product.

With Daman’s latest industry breakthrough, you can now guarantee your customers the best Integrated Filter Cartridge Manifold solution generally in less than nine weeks. We can add tooling for any manufacturer and currently offer the following in-house options:

  • Hydac: DF 30, DF 60-140, DF 160-280, DF 330-1320, DF 1500, HF2P, HF3P, HF4P, MFM, MFX

  • Schroeder: RMF60, NMF30, 14-CRZX10, 20-CRZX10

  • Stauff: SF/SFA-014/30, SF/SFA-045/70, SF/SFA-090-300

  • Eaton: HT 601-1351

Contact our Quotation Team at to initiate integration of your favorite filter cartridge, and we will customize a solution for you.

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