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Daman’s Component Manufacturer Corporate Relationships

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

In 1976, Daman Products was founded by Jack Davis. Having previously worked for a midwest fluid power distributor, Davis was familiar with the challenges of distribution and saw a need for facilitating distributor processes. He created his business with the unique vision of serving hydraulic distributors in order for them to more successfully serve their OEM customers. Over 40 years later, our continuous commitment to distribution is stronger than ever and has made Daman Products a leader in the hydraulics industry.

In our quest to provide value-added products and services to distributors, we aim to reduce costs and lead times, and improve product performance. Consequently, we have started developing relationships with component manufacturers to improve supply chain efficiency for distributors. We directly purchase other manufacturers’ components, including but not limited to: manifold mounted valves, threaded cartridge valves, insert valves, logic valves, gauges, fittings and connectors to source, assemble, test and drop-ship integrated product solutions for our distributors. Our selected component partnerships compliment our manifold assemblies by expanding opportunities to customize solutions and reduce lead times so our distributors get exactly what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This new capability was born from the efforts of Daman’s Creative Team that regularly conducts in-depth phone interviews and analyzes product usage volumes with distributors to determine their pain points and learn which high-demand services will best meet their needs. Our key distributors consistently indicate that they are interested in Daman Products providing more integrated manifold assemblies and performing leak tests on assemblies. This empowers distributors to order one part number from Daman for a complete manifold assembly that can be drop-shipped to their customers from Daman, allowing distributors and their customers to take advantage of Daman’s impeccable delivery and performance.

By developing relationships with component manufacturers and purchasing their components, Daman Products is able to offer its distribution network quicker lead times and high-performing solutions that include complete assembly and testing that meet customer specifications, while removing distributor hassles.

This strategy adds a layer of creative solutions for our distributors’ businesses. Now, they can focus their full attention on providing higher volume and higher potential hydraulic solutions—while utilizing Daman Products’ manifold design resources, manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain management expertise to support their lower volume manifold assembly applications.

Click below to learn more about our various integrated services, including corporate relationships with various component manufacturers to meet distributor requirements.

Learn more about our component partnerships.


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