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Company Meeting November 2018

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

In November, Daman held their Q3 company meeting, where the team routinely takes time to reflect, celebrates successes, and looks forward to the future.

Executive Summary

Daman’s president, Dave Mischler reported that 2018 will be one of Daman’s best years, achieving another year of double-digit growth. Daman’s leadership anticipates more growth in 2019, albeit, likely at a slower rate.

2018 highlights include:

  • The company hired a record number of 43 full-time new hires. Training continues to be a top priority as turnover has been significantly less, allowing greater focus on the learning and development of new team members.

  • Our quality and scrap metrics have continued to improve due to new operational procedures.

  • Everyone had a part in Daman’s exceptional 2018. Leadership extended a special thanks for everyone’s hard work and the many extra hours contributed to meet customers’ needs.

2019 Planning

Daman’s 2018 bookings exceeded the year’s growth goals. “While exceeding expected goals is certainly preferred, it does comes with some perturbation,” stated Gordon Weiler, vice president of sales. “If our growth goals for 2018 had been more accurate, we could have better planned to support the excessive growth and avoided the massive shock to our processes and systems. Most importantly, our team, who has worked tirelessly, could’ve have anticipated the demands required to meet customers’ needs while achieving key performance indicators. Regardless, we pulled through with great success.”

In 2019, Daman’s new business intelligence software coupled with their five, regionally-focused account managers will provide more granular visibility into manifold sales by end user, OEM, market segment and distributor account manager levels, offering greater success with establishing accurate sales goals. "As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, ” shares Gordon.


At Daman, everyone works together to accomplish individual, team and company goals in an environment built on trust. Daman offers extensive training programs for new hires that span for up to seven years of employment. A more thorough and extensive program is in the development stages. These commitments to employee learning led to Daman’s two most recent awards acknowledged through their local newspaper. >> Read Article

  • Most Positive Work Environment

  • Best Professional Development

*These categories were voted on by employees, past employees and/or the general public.

Service Awards and Employee Recognition

The Human Resource and Continuous Improvement departments have been very busy recruiting and implementing new hire training.

  • In the third quarter, Daman had 41 employees with perfect attendance (no missed punches, no times tardy, no times leaving early and no missed hours of unpaid personal time or unpaid approved time off).

  • Ten employees achieved excellent attendance (two or less missed punches, one or less time tardy, one or less times leaving early and two or less missed hours of unpaid personal time or unpaid approved time off).

This great accomplishment, represented by over 30% of our employees, is proof of Daman’s tireless dedication to excellence.

This quarter, Daman also celebrated three milestone anniversaries: James McIntyre with 25 years of service, and Laura Thomas and Nick Merrill with 10 years of service.


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