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PARO: A Partnership in Design

In the early 90′s, PARO rolled out an innovative software package—HydroMan— that was years in the making. Their powerful hydraulic manifold software revolutionized the way manifolds are designed today. PARO was looking for simplicity, reliability, and effectiveness, making designs a snap compared to the weeks and numerous revisions it took to complete a hand drawn manifold.

Daman Products was PARO’s first US-based company—and one of the first companies anywhere—to give HydroMan a try. Since then, their relationship has blossomed into a kind of partnership. “Daman is very specialized and knows what they are doing,” said Marc, CEO of PARO Software, which is why he had no qualms about incorporating Daman’s advice into their software. ”We’ve spent countless hours tailoring our software to work seamlessly for Daman. It’s been a partnership that has been mutually beneficial.”

Daman’s Distributor Services Manager, Matt Giloth said, “From the very beginning, PARO has understood the intricacies and challenges of manifold design. PARO is not just an engineering software company, they are also manifold people. They speak the same language as us.”

This year, Daman implemented PARO’s newest custom manifold design innovation called HydroSym, a hydraulic schematic design software. It allows Daman designers to quickly and easily recreate hydraulic circuits in the software using an extensive library of component data sheets and circuit drawing innovations.

It is not often the software developer has such an extensive shared knowledge base with the customer. Beyond that, Daman and PARO are both driven to continuously improve for their customers. This has made for an exciting and fruitful relationship over the last twenty-five-plus years, and Daman is excited about future plans to work together.

Video Transcription:

For over 40 years, Daman Products has designed and manufactured manifolds for the most demanding hydraulic industries in the world. Oil and gas, railroad, automotive, construction, aerospace, and entertainment have all integrated our products into their systems with confidence knowing that they are using the highest quality manifold available.

Unlike other manifold manufacturers, Daman Products is capable of designing and manufacturing any manifold you might need, small or large, one-piece prototypes or high-volume production. No manifold is too simple or too complex. Material type choices include aluminum, ductile iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel. We partner with all the major valve manufacturers to inventory over 700 cartridge cavity tools and we invest more than $3 million in supporting tools and inspection equipment,

Demand Daman and experience the difference. Ten full-time manifold designers who have over 140 years of combined experience are waiting to help you with your custom-engineered project. Just think of our design team as an extension of your team. We can design from your custom circuit concept no matter the form. Whether it is a freehand schematic to a fully-engineered design or even a physical block, we'll take care of all your design needs from start to finish.

Daman partners with Paro Software, maker of Hydroman, the most powerful hydraulic manifold design software in the world. This 3D manifold design software eliminates potential human errors, which exist in other manifold design solutions. After entering your design data into Hydroman, the software systematically identifies wall thicknesses below software settings, circuit errors, and flow restrictions at internal intersections. Our designers refer to a checklist multiple times throughout the design process to ensure accuracy. After a circuit check is performed, it is ready for customer approval.

We are in the process of implementing Paro's newest custom manifold design innovation called Hydrosym. This software allows for the efficient and accurate creation of a hydraulic circuit in a software using an extensive library of component datasheets and circuit drawing innovations. The hydraulic circuit symbol is now associated to the data cut sheet and can be accessed by a simple click on the circuit symbol. Bill of material items are automatically generated through Hydrosym for additional design efficiencies and accuracies.

Hydrosym's intelligent hydraulic circuit is only one of the latest investments Daman has made to ensure continued advancement of our manifold design capabilities. Daman will continue to expand our design capabilities by maintaining partnerships with industry leaders like ISO and FPA, IFPS, and with leading engineering schools in the country.

Our goal is to help our customers succeed by constantly finding opportunities for improvement. If you'd like help from our 10 full-time manifold designers who have the most sophisticated resources at their fingertips, call us at 800-959-7841.


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