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Sandwich modules provide an easy way to add a valve function into an existing directional control valve circuit with no additional line plumbing.

D03 Sandwich Module Assembly (3).png



The Seal Plate Dilemma - Pros and Cons

D03 Seal plate Assembly.png

Seal Plate Pros:

  • Manufacturers can reduce inventory by building 1 part number for multiple circuit functions by allowing rotation and flips.


Seal Plate Cons:

  • Proper orientation is confusing and time consuming

  • Improper orientation could be dangerous

  • Seal Plates introduce leak potential due to poor alignment

  • Seal plates add labor to organize and line up plates

  • Maintenance is a nightmare

Through qualitative Distributor surveys on this topic, we heard “Seal plates are a royal pain in the ass”, “Lining up more than 2 stack modules with seal plates is like playing Jenga”, and from a Systems Group General Manager - “I have to personally double check stack assemblies to ensure orientation was assembled correctly”

Notice the only Pro to Seal Plates benefits the manufacturer and creates Cons for the customer. At Daman, we make products that benefit our distributors and their customers as opposed to focusing on our own personal benefits. Therefore, this decision was easy.


Daman Engineers have reimagined module design to eliminate seal plates all together. Daman’s reputation for inventory control as a supply chain management expert allows us to manage multiple part numbers efficiently for the benefit of our customers.

For more information on which Daman sandwich module is right for you, contact our Distributor Services Team at 800-959-7841 or send an email to

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