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Continuous Improvement


"Daman Products represents a unique perspective on doing business successfully in the modern world.  As shown extensively in the Daman videos, Larry unabashedly embraces the principles of lean manufacturing.  He is both a practitioner of and proselytizer for lean manufacturing. 


Over the past 30 years, I have witnessed innumerable approaches to managing organizations come and go. Many firms have succumbed to chasing the “management fad of the week,” hoping something will arise that warrants continuation and fosters success. Alas, many firms fail to find this holy grail of organizational management.


Daman Products has been successful because Larry Davis lives, breathes, and fully utilizes lean manufacturing in his organization and has stuck to this approach for decades. He has shown the enlightened leadership to give his employees both the responsibility and the resources to make changes to their work. This builds employee’s ownership of their work – a very consequential outcome.


The Daman culture supports innovation, engagement, and collaboration towards excellence. Larry has eschewed many of the traditional control structures that we often embrace in business education, choosing instead the more powerful tools of trust, teambuilding/teamwork, employee empowerment, and engagement as ways to achieve success. No time is spent creating or pouring over cost accounting reports and sales forecasts because they do not exist at Daman.


One has to admire an organization like Daman and the leadership style that Larry Davis employs.  Watching the videos about Daman can only lead to envy and a desire to create such a workplace in your own organization. Enjoy the videos. They will change your disposition about management of people and organizations."

Rick Kolbe

Rick Kolbe

Dean, Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics

Indiana University South Bend

Learn All Things Daman

Watch videos featuring all aspects of Daman's culture and processes. Gemba Academy released this video series that explores the entire facility, including the factory floor and front offices, and discovers an incredibly powerful “culture of trust.”

Video Guide

The following list represents the Gemba Academy video series available at the link above.

Daman Products Trailer 2:27


A Brief History of Daman Products 12:05

How Lean Made It Worse 11:01

Be Careful What You Call It 8:21

It's a Great Team, They Help You Out 7:28

Management Style - Command and Control vs. Team Leaders 4:30


Selling Daman Products 8:39


The Sense of Ownership 5:33

Things Got a Lot Worse Before Getting Better 7:45

Award-Winning Improvement 3:05

Basically, We Help People 9:04

Offering Financial Wellness 10:39

A Place for Everything 12:02

I Have a Lot of Trust in the Operator 5:15

Apparently, It's a Good Place to Work 4:47

Driven From the Top 8:08

We Are People-Driven 7:27

Trust the Employees 7:51

Excited About Coming to Work 5:31

I Feel Needed 2:35

What Happens When I Pull the Last Piece Off the Shelf? 5:10

My Favorite Part is the People 3:05

Yeah, I've Heard That Before 4:40

Everybody Helps Each Other Out 1:59

One Silo for the Customer 8:01


What Happens When We Get Bigger 8:13

This is Your Part of the Business. Run it. 8:19

I Remember My Very First Mistake 6:05

Wrap Up with Larry Davis 9:26

Wrap Up - Part 2 12:12

Lean Methodology Is Not the End of the Road

Daman Products was not born with a lean mentality. We have had to make major changes to get where we are today. Read on to learn more about how we’ve applied lean thinking and the principles of natural systems to develop a culture of continuous improvement at Daman Products.​

Lean methodology white paper
continuous improvement

What Business School Won't Teach You about Manufacturing

Nothing in our culture or education prepared us for our changed way of operating our business. Yet, we had to be open to dissolving time-honored thoughts about business and most of our formal business education. Read on to learn more about how we’ve adapted our thinking to achieve a stronger culture of continuous improvement at Daman Products.​


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