Since 1999, Daman's Trigger System has removed the hassle of long lead times commonly found with other Custom Manifold manufacturers. Custom Manifolds participating in the Daman Trigger System receive special 24-hour delivery services.

Designed as a traditional pull inventory system, our Trigger System eliminates the customers' need to track inventory, carry too much inventory or track volume pricing discounts.

Simply put, the Daman Trigger System revolutionizes the Custom Manifold supply process.


The Trigger setup process is easy.

  • An agreement (not a contract) defines what the expected annual usage is, and what the maximum usage will be within our production window. This information is used to internally suggest the number of bins and the quantity per bin.  These quantities are always less than dictated by a blanket order mentality.
  • Programming, processing, tooling, and fixturing are established and standardized.
  • From this point on, the product is treated like a standard product for internal purposes - virtually eliminating overhead from the process and Daman maintains Trigger stocking level.


Daman customers receive the following benefits:

  • Adaptable response to order spikes
  • Reduced supply chain inventory by 90%
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced forecasting to quarterly conversations
  • No advanced PO or scheduled releases
  • One flat price for all quantities – even 1 piece
  • With less inventory, design changes are responsive, timely and will affect less than 10% of annualized usage
  • Like Daman’s standard products, parts ship in 24 hours and are 99.9% on-time
  • Bin inventory is automatically replenished within 10 days
  • Customer stocked inventory can be eliminated
  • Generally, only an annual minimum of 10 parts is required
  • Integrated valve installations and drop ship assemblies



 download2  Download Daman Trigger System Brochure


To learn more about Daman's Trigger System for the 24-hour delivery of Custom Manifolds, call us at (800) 959-7841.