Daman Products offers a complete line of manifolds, subplates, adapters and cover plates that meet all ISO and NFPA standards. Our Standard Manifold Products Catalog contains more than 2 million parts that facilitate the assembly of parallel or series circuit systems, ranging from ISO 02 valve patterns through ISO 10.

With our unsurpassed level of expertise in manifold design and manufacturing and our commitment to providing excellent service, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers build better relationships, develop a reputation for reliability and, ultimately, win more work.

Standard Manifold shipment is guaranteed within 24 hours

Our extensive in-stock inventory of Standard Manifolds is constantly being replenished in line with industry buying trends so that we can ship stocked products within 24 hours while eliminating the need for complex forecasting and stringent minimum inventory commitments.

With an on-time delivery rating of nearly 100 percent for stocked items in a non-forecasted, on-demand environment, Daman is the dependable partner you need to ensure that Standard Manifold products are always available when you need them.

Our inventory is constantly growing to meet our customers' changing needs

We process more than 150-200 Custom Manifold quotations every week, so we are always at the forefront of innovation in manifold design. Every year we conduct a review of our customers' buying patterns and identify any non-stock manifold products that should be added to our in-stock selection.

We set the standard for excellence in customer service

Our customers know they get much more than a manifold when they place an order with us. Our roots are in the distribution side of the industry; we understand the unique challenges distributors face being competitive in low volume, repetitive, standard and custom product categories.

We know distributors are tired of having to micro-manage their inventory and conduct endless follow up because of manufacturers over promising and under delivering. That's why we are so committed to looking at things from our customers' point of view and providing a level of service that exceeds their expectations.

You can count on us to provide everything you need, from a manufacturing accuracy rating of 99.87 percent to real people picking up our phones and answering your questions. The members of our full-time design and support staff have more than 280 years of combined project design and sales support experience, so they know the problems facing distributors and have a proven track record of providing solutions that work.

Contact us today to learn more about how our capabilities and culture can contribute to your success. Once you understand the depth of the Daman Advantage, we guarantee you'll never look at ordering manifolds the same way again.


Daman's Large Selection of In-Stock, 24 Hour Delivery, Standard Manifolds 

Daman’s inventory of in-stock Standard Manifolds offers customers more Standard Manifold catalog choices. Additionally, in an ongoing effort to be more responsive to our customer needs, we regularly convert many of our previous non-stock manifold products to a stocked status based on an annualized review of customer buying patterns.  As a result, customers count on Daman to carry the largest selection of in-stock Standard Manifolds in the industry - all shipped within 24 hours of the order date.


Cover Plates are also known as “blanking plates”, “blocking plates”, or “cap-off plates”. They are used to cap off a pattern after a surface-mounted component is removed or they are used to cover an extra pattern to be utilized in the future. Crossover plates  (COP) are also referred to as “flushing plates”  and are typically used when flushing oil through the hydraulic system, enabling oil to reach the actuator.

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DIN Bodies are aluminum or ductile products that provide housing and hose mounting surfaces for DIN slip-in logic valves. “DIN” is the acronym for German standards organization that was the first to establish standards governing this type of cartridge valve. Since then, ISO and NFPA standards committees have followed suit. The DIN cartridges governed by this standard are for two port slip-in cartridge valves used for very high flow applications. These valves are sometimes referred to as “logic valves”.

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Header Blocks are also known as “distribution manifolds”. They do not have valve or pattern machined features, only ports. The purpose is to connect several oil lines with one supply (pressure) or one return (tank) port.

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Junction Blocks are an efficient way to co-locate “tee” and elbow fittings. They do not have valve or pattern machined features, only ports. The purpose is to provide a place to join piping, change direction, or split/connect with other lines.

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Manifolds are for mounting directional control valves. Manifolds reduce plumbing, number of leak points, and improve the appearance and maintenance of the hydraulic system by centralizing the location of the valves. Directional control valves change the direction of fluid flow. These patterns usually have (4) oil passage holes with options for X & Y ports. Threaded or flanged ports provide the user connections with manifolds.

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Servo Products include subplates, pilot port tapping plates, and a few valve adaptors. These products support servo valves, which are a type of directional control valve that has no limit to the position of the spool to control fluid flow and direction. The term “servo” means a closed loop control circuit that uses feedback for precise control of position.

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Subplates are also known as “mounting pads”, “sub bases” and “base plates”. Subplates give valves a mounting pad and allow for many different port styles and locations to meet the design requirements of the system. Daman uses the term "subplates" to refer to mounting only one valve in a low profile (height) configuration. Manifolds are used to refer to applications where more than one valve will be mounted and is generally taller (height).

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Tapping Plates are designed for the purpose of adding a gauge port or test port to the circuit. Daman offers ¼” ports on these products. Tapping plates with a port larger ¼”, can be quoted as a custom product.

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Valve Adaptors, sometimes referred to as "transition plates" or "blocks", fit between valves and subplates or manifolds and allow a customer to mount different size valves on the same manifold, or to replace one size valve on a manifold or subplate with a different size valve.

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