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Upgrades Coming Soon to Cell E

Early next year, Cell E will say goodbye to an older model Mazak vertical machine and say hello to a brand new high-speed Mazak HCN6800. "We plan to phase out all vertical machines so that we are able to build custom manifolds more efficiently," said Garold Kendall, production team leader.

With the new Mazak, setup time is much faster and simpler and will allow Cell E to complete more work in the same amount of time.  It is also more versatile and has more capabilities than the older unit.

The new unit will be used for custom manifolds under 100 lbs that are made of ductile iron, aluminum and steel.

A specialized coolant system will be installed on this new Mazak to increase coolant life, reduce maintenance, and to improve tooling life.

About the Mazak HCN6800:

  • High-speed, high-accuracy positioning for reductions in non-cut times

  • Wide range of available spindle speeds and power options

  • Fast, vibration-free machine acceleration/deceleration

  • Ample axis travels

  • High stability, vibration-dampening machine construction

  • Variety of available tool magazine capacities

  • Standard two-pallet changer


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