Now Available at Daman: Elwood Hydraulics for High Water Content (HWC) Applications

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Daman Products can manage supply chain issues by combining Daman manifold excellence with Elwood components superiority.


Elwood Competitive Advantage

  • Full Stainless Steel valves for highly corrosive HWC applications (e.g. 95/5, Kerosene, other)

  • Standard CETOP/NG10/NFPA footprint directional valves and functional valves

  • Zero leak Spool design

  • High pressure & high flow applications

  • Highly focused engineering team ready to take on your custom HWC applications

Elwood AMVP Flyer
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About Elwood Hydraulics

Since the very first RD Woods valve installed in 1803 utilizing raw river water for press application, Elwood valves have outperformed and outlasted all industrial process expectations. What eventually became Nordberg/Rexnord hydraulics was acquired by Robert Elwood Larsen in 1983. Mr. Larsen founded Elwood Hydraulics. Whereas the most respected stainless steel valve brand in HWC hydraulics commenced and became the gold standard within the Primary Metals space and beyond.

Today, Elwood not only continues to lead applications in the steel, aluminum, and Petro-chemical industries, but has expanded & modernized the valve portfolio to into servicing customer applications in other broad-based markets. As a company of engineers, we pride ourselves in problem solving, sustainability, reliability and adding value by way up ensuring customer uptime.

We are ready to handle all your custom HWC application needs.


Daman AMVP - Assembled Manifold Valve Products

We have evolved our services to include the sourcing, assembly, testing and drop shipping of custom manifold assemblies. Daman offers these integrated solutions with valves and filter cartridges, and in a variety of different materials – ductile, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

By sourcing components directly from valve manufacturers and completing the manifold assembly at our factory in Mishawaka, we are able to reduce supply chain delays for distributors. We have also partnered with nearly 50 major valve manufacturers to inventory over 750 cartridge cavity tools for quick turnaround of integrated solutions.


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