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Meeting customers' needs starts with understanding them

Daman Products has its roots in distribution, so we understand how difficult it can be to remain competitive in low-volume, repetitive, standard and custom manifold product categories. We've seen first hand how manufacturers have traditionally structured their relationships with distributors in whatever way is most advantageous to them and we believe that this shorted-sighted behavior only creates unnecessary complications and strain between stakeholders.

As a supplier, we always focus on doing what is best for our customers because this helps us build sound, long-term relationships based on trust, which will ultimately produce the best results for all parties. That's why we always strive to look at things from the distributor's perspective and ask ourselves how we could better serve our customers.

Daman's journey into continuous innovation

One of our key goals is to drive continuous innovation in our industry and achieve 20 percent of revenue from new products and services. We know this depends on our ability to understand our customers' evolving needs, so we are constantly soliciting input from you. In the past year, we have engaged over three dozen distributor partners in phone interviews to ask about product needs for custom manifolds, cavity bodies, manifold testing, surface treatments and other products.

We recognize that this input is critical to our ability to be the best supplier of standard and custom manifold products, and we greatly appreciate the willingness of our partners to participate in these interviews. As a result of these outreach efforts, we were able to put more than a dozen new product ideas in the pipeline.

Our internal Creative Team runs each new idea through a rigorous stage-gate system. This team is not your average R&D group: it includes members from all parts of our business. With representatives of all departments involved in the development process from the start, decision makers are able to thoroughly analyze new ideas from every angle. This ensures that impractical ideas are eliminated quickly with minimal waste, while those that make it through the system have the support and stakeholder buy-in needed to be successful.

Our ratings for design and manufacturing accuracy and on-time delivery are near 100 percent, and we strive to offer industry leading sales support to our partners in distribution. This is the type of service that our customers have come to expect from us over the years. From our prompt responses to quote requests for custom products to ongoing follow up, we are committed to doing everything we can to be the best supplier of standard and custom hydraulic manifolds.

Interested in learning more about how we approach anticipating and meeting our customers needs? Review our white paper: Journey into continuous innovation.


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