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Meet Our Inside Sales Team

Daman’s Distributor Services inside sales team works exceptionally hard to ensure our customers’ needs are taken care of in a prompt and courteous manner.  Meet the team.

Distributor Services—Standard Sales

Gary Godfrey is back!  As a Daman employee since 1984, he has worked a total of 18 years in order fulfillment, logistics, and shipping, and a respective 13 years in Distributor Services.  Gary offers a wealth of knowledge and scope of understanding for our standard product lines that he uses in his primary duties of supporting our customers within the standard product line.

Jane Long, another long-time Daman employee since 2002, started in Manufacturing. Her experiences in Programming, inspection, subsequent processes and problem solving has served her well as she continues in a new direction, serving our customers in all aspects of our standard product line.  She is a welcome addition to our customer-facing team.

Distributor Services—Custom Sales

Lori Springman has over 16 years of service working directly with our customers.  Lori primarily deals with custom product support from the time of order through the date of shipment and beyond.  Over the years she has proven to be indispensable, with her knowledge of our systems, processes, and product lines; combined with her complete visibility to all stages of custom project development and work in process.  There is rarely a question she cannot answer.

Distributor Services—Custom Sales Development

Ted Middleton has worked with Daman since 1994. Ted’s experience in Daman manufacturing processes, final assembly, and production support give him a unique knowledge base.  For the past 12 years, Ted has applied that knowledge to helping customers take possible custom applications from the idea stage through our quote process efficiently. From a custom product, you can hold in your hand to a 4000 lb. product, Ted has the tools.

Next time meet Todd Crocker, Trevor Henkler, and Mike McIntyre!

Contact the team by calling 800.959.7841, or emailing and

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