ThermOmegaTech: Integrate Thermostatic Valves into Daman Custom Manifolds

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Daman Products has worked with ThermOmegaTech® to integrate their thermostatic cartridge-style valves into Daman’s custom manifold solutions. You can work directly with Daman or ThermOmegaTech to customize a solution that fits your application.

ThermOmegaTech specializes in temperature-based solutions. Their self-actuating temperature control valves are designed around their exclusive Thermoloid® sensor/controller that automatically and accurately proportions the flow in response to fluid temperature.

Built to withstand extreme temperatures of -150°F to 300°F (-101°C to 149°C) and designed to be maintenance-free, TermOmegaTech’s thermal-actuated solutions are excellent for applications in hazardous and extreme environments, including the following:

  • Hydraulic fluid cooling systems

  • Lube oil cooling control

  • Loop-type circulation systems

  • Electronics system cooling

  • Air conditioning

  • Water conservation

Why Choose Thermal Actuated Valve Solutions?

  • Self-actuating: no external power required

  • Few moving parts

  • Long service life

  • Maintenance-free: no periodic calibration

  • High power to size and weight ratio making for smaller, lightweight packages

  • Highly repeatable position vs. temperature

  • Excellent for applications in many hazardous and extreme conditions


Looking for a Daman Custom Manifold with a specific thermal actuated valve solution? We can customize opening/closing temperatures, flow rates, threads, and materials, as well as port number, size, and configuration. Contact Daman’s Quotation Team at to help you design your custom Daman | ThermOmegaTech® solution today.

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