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Daman Values

See what drives Daman Products Company to be the leader in Standard and Custom Manifolds.

Video Transcription

Interivewer: Dale, what's your understanding of Daman's company values?

Dale: Be honest. Do the best job you can do.

Speaker 3: Really to treat people the way they really should be treated. And doing things the right way for the right reasons.

Speaker 4: The listed values they have are stuff that I've lived by since I was a Boy Scout.

Speaker 5: I've worked at Daman for about 28 years and they really do believe in the values that they have.

Speaker 6: Always honest with employees, telling them what they need to do to improve if they're making any errors, but they do it in a very kind manner.

Speaker 4: When they screw up they admit to their mistakes and that doesn't cover them up it helps keep things running smoothly.

Speaker 7: You can't have trust with respect. You can't have trust without telling the truth. You can't have trust without doing the right things for the right reasons.

Speaker 8: The values are what keeps the company in place and makes everybody comfortable in the working environment. It makes it a fair and level place to be employed.

Speaker 9: They have a great deal of respect and trust for their employees.

Speaker 10: I can make decisions in the best interest of customer, and Daman trusts me to do that.

Speaker 11: Our customers trust us to deliver product on time and at the best possible price.

Speaker 3: I think it's important because it allows the employees to feel that they're cared for. And also, the customers feel it in the fact that how we treat them is through those same values and they get treated with respect every time.

Speaker 5: We really give the people, the employees, the sense that they do add value to the company.

Speaker 12: Because when you walk in here, it's hard to describe, but you feel the respect that everyone has for everybody.

Dale: They treat us pretty good. They treat people with respect.

Speaker 13: And they stand behind their values.

Speaker 11: Daman is trusted by employees, such as myself, because we know that Daman is looking out for our interests in accordance with the customers' and vendors' interests.

Speaker 14: It's not only important for our company, but it's also important for the distributors because in order for us to succeed our distributors have to succeed as well.

Speaker 10: Daman company values mean a lot to me. They try to create a culture that will make their employees succeed, not only on a personal level but on a professional level.

Speaker 8: There's no one who tries to act above anyone else. Everyone's all here to do their job.

Speaker 12: But there's always mutual respect for each other. And we do that along with our customers. We prove to them that we stand by our word.

Speaker 10: That I can make decisions in the best interest of customer and Daman trusts me to do that.

Speaker 13: Trust, they believe in their employees.

Interivewer: Why do you think that's important for the company?

Dale: Everybody tries their hardest, everybody does his best, the company can do good.

Speaker 12: We do have a good time, we do our jobs right, we're given the correct tools to do our jobs. And that's one of the nice things about Daman is they want to... They want you to succeed.

Speaker 15: It's refreshing to be treated like a person and not just an object or a number. They treat you well here.

Speaker 6: They value all their employees, they treat everyone with respect. It's a very homey place to work for.


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