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Daman Team Improves Safety and Efficiency in Loading Automation for Large Manifolds

New Pallet Tech automation now offers Daman the opportunity to safely change large part pallets while maximizing the efficiency of the work envelope. 

Daman's new Pallet Tech system

“Large manifolds provide a great opportunity for continuous improvement efforts. Loading large manifolds into a smaller-scaled machine creates a potentially tedious task that requires greater attention to precision and safety,” says Thom Sibley, Production Team Leader.  “As large manifold projects have increased in frequency, it became necessary to replace smaller machines in Cell C to improve our ability to efficiently and safely handle up to 4000 lb. blocks."

Daman periodically rationalizes their machines in all cells as the market demands change. To respond to the increase in large manifold demand, Daman's analysis discovered the need for the creation of a new, fifth cell (Cell E) which would handle up to 175 lb. projects.

Coincidentally, the timing of this analysis aligned with Daman's recent building expansion.  Machines that are better equipped to build the smaller custom projects were donated to Cell E while the latest in large manifold manufacturing technology, an expandable eight station Pallet Tech, was purchased and installed in Cell C.

Adding a machine with a Pallet Tech provided a creatively efficient and hands-off solution. The Pallet Tech now changes fixtures with a simple stroke on a keyboard that signals a pallet to approach the loading station in a more open space, allowing larger parts to be safely loaded onto fixtures.


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