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Daman Products Partners with DURA-BAR and MSOE to Test Continuous Cast Iron Bar Manifolds

As part of our commitment to supporting innovation in the fluid power industry, Daman Products is constantly looking for opportunities to anticipate the market's needs and meet them with new solutions. This includes the push within the market toward more compact and efficient designs capable of working at higher pressures.

Our internal Creative Team uses a rigorous stage-gate process to ensure new products are developed with customers' financial and technical needs in mind, and we take great pride in moving new ideas from concept to commercialization. To accelerate the development of new solutions, Daman Products seeks the necessary expertise where it exists through collaboration with other stakeholders.

Dura-Bar ductile iron manifolds pressure rated to 6500 PSI

Daman partnered with Dura-Bar and the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) to test the wall thickness limits of manifolds made from continuous cast iron bar stock. Previous estimates, derived from theoretical calculations, placed the figure at 5000 PSI max. Using material supplied by Dura-Bar, Daman Products built several manifolds of varying bore sizes and wall thicknesses. Burst testing and then fatigue testing performed by MSOE Fluid Power Institute determined that previous estimates of 5000 PSI max will actually withstand 6500 PSI with a 4-1 safety factor.

Higher pressure rating for walls leaves unanswered questions about other components

As proud as we are of the work we've done with Dura-Bar and MSOE to develop the empirical data for manifold wall thickness, this is only the 1st of several steps required to increase the pressure rating of a complete manifold and all of its features. Our goal is to offer a complete manifold solution for higher pressures. The data we developed in our work with Dura-Bar and MSOE lead naturally to the next weakest link in a high pressure manifold application.

With the empirical data we now have on wall thickness which will get to 6500 PSI we are now collaborating with Epco Products to develop similar empirical data on the strength of threaded SAE ports. This testing will likely graduate into valve mounting hole strength tests. As is the case with everything we do at Daman Products, our dedication to pioneering higher pressure manifolds requires a dedication to continuous improvement every step along the way.

Daman's focus on partnership is critical in pursuing industry advancement

Partnering with Dura Bar and MSOE has allowed us to perform unprecedented research for the advancement of our products and more importantly our industry. We will continue to engage other partners in this exciting research challenging tribal knowledge so we can collectively lead manifold design improvements and advancements based on what we know to be true.


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