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Daman Donates Manifold Blocks to University of Minnesota

Graduate students at the University of Minnesota are utilizing several of Daman’s manifold designs in a testing station they created for experimental components. This seemingly complex setup has much more going on than may be initially visible to the untrained eye. The suspended valves are designed to give the flexibility to constantly change valving and plumbing, thus using the manifold as only a distribution and collection point.

Pieter Gagnon, Research Assistant at the University of Minnesota states, “I would like to once again express my extreme personal gratitude with respect to this donation. Here at the University, we tend to invest our resources heavily in people, which sometimes leaves little money left over for hardware. This fabrication would not have been possible without the assistance of Daman and several other contributing companies.”

This effort aligns with Daman’s policy to contribute to and promote hydraulic education. Each year, Daman selects and partners with institutions that train and educate engineers who have the potential to better the industry. Daman believes these types of projects give students hands-on experience in understanding hydraulic applications.


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