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A Look Back, A Step Ahead

Questionable market forecasts and downturn in the economy over the past couple of years have been challenging; not just for Daman, but for many of our valued customers.  Daman saw these challenges as opportunities.  As a company, and as individuals, the dip has given us time to reboot, to reevaluate what’s important, and better understand our customers and their needs.

At Daman, our people and processes continue to evolve.  Some highlights of our evolution over the last two years include:  integrating the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, to manage contacts, collect data, and use reporting to help us understand our customers better.

We launched our in-stock stainless steel offerings, increased our product selections from 1 million to 2 million, and rolled out our Online Standard Parts Integrator, DamanWorks.

Internally, we've improved our custom quoting methods, updated our design software to incorporate efficiency improvements, improved our design throughput with new tools and manufacturing format, and made progress refining our standard operating procedures.  We’ve also spent time creating a video library now on YouTube, check us out!  Suggestions for future videos are welcome too.  Email to submit your ideas.

Here’s a look at some highlights from our recent company-wide meeting, toned with optimism and a collective sense of accomplishment.

Executive Reports

Dave Mischler, President at Daman, says, “We believe we’ve put this 2-year recession in our rearview mirror.  We are a much stronger company now than a year ago since we took this downtime to build on improvements across the company.”

Larry Davis, the CEO, spoke of our continued drive for operational excellence.  “The successful deployment of Salesforce and the support commitment between all units that use the tool to its full potential, ultimately are helping our distributors grow their manifold business.”

Gordon Weiler, Vice President Sales, delivers a message on the 2017 Sales & Marketing Strategy.  “The groundwork has been laid, and we’re ready to put our feet on the street.  Being in front of our customers is important to us, and we’re beginning to align with our customers like never before”. is a phenomenal tool that is helping us implement customer support strategies across our now defined sales regions.  Our departments are working together in new ways, and creating deeper understanding of one another’s roles and responsibilities; which makes these individual commitments to the group effort noteworthy and inspiring.

Human Resources

Daman is hiring!  We’re looking to hire six new production team members.

Krysten Shoulders, HR Director, announces a developing partnership with Mishawaka High School and Conexus Interns Program to provide an Apprentice Program at Daman for students interested in manufacturing and logistics.  We are expecting to host two summer interns for a period of six weeks.  Apprentice programs can strengthen the pipeline for future talent acquisition and help students with a hands-on, real life experience.

Employee Service Awards 

Eight employees received service awards:  Scott Nicolas and John Cook, 20 years of service.  Terri Linsky, Nicholas Hunter and Gary Neddo, 10 years of service.  Steve Finn, Todd Cyrier and Matt Bickel, 5 years of service (not pictured).  Thank you all for your dedication and years of support!

Daman Products Athletic Association (DPAA)

The Better Living Committee and the DPAA announce its new Treasurer, Kim Malicki.  Kim is the Office Manager/Controller at Daman.  She’s taking the reins from 18-year veteran DPAA Treasurer Matt Giloth.  Matt is the Distributor Services Manager at Daman, and he recently began meeting with a local professional forum that focuses on project management and product development.

Information Technology

Cyber security:  “It’s not how to play video games at work and not get caught”, puns Dave Jaeckel, IT Director.  Several layers of protection are required to secure online business communications and transactions.  At Daman, we are serious about protecting our data, and our customers’ data.  We employ a talented group of IT professionals who help keep us safe from online dangers such as ransomware, spoofing, hackers, phishing and more.

Guest Speaker

John McSorley, of Guidance Wealth, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, talked with employees about the importance of investing in a retirement plan.  He says, “I’m very impressed with the number of people who participate in Daman’s 401K, and that this company cares enough to offer such a generous match”.  40% of companies do not offer a retirement plan.  Guidance Wealth is offering Daman employees’ quarterly classes to educate them on finances and investing.

A Note to our Customers

Thank you for choosing Daman.  Please let us know how we can serve you better.  We appreciate your feedback and look forward to working with you all this New Year!


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