Thank you so much for your outstanding actions to help the customer and to find the root of the problem and correct it and make sure it doesn't happen again. It is such a pleasure to work with your company, you always are very responsive in quoting, processing orders and expediting, and now with this situation. Your standard is one we should all attain to. I forwarded your e-mail to our quality manager as a wonderful example of Daman's excellence Thank you again for all your hard work.

—Barbara Herzer, Customer Service, Airline Hydraulics Corp.


I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with your, and all of Daman’s, response to this problem. We have received the corrected manifolds back, and are in the process of assembling and testing them, now. I have not lost any confidence in Damon because of this problem. In fact, due to your team’s action, and professional attitude, I have gained even more confidence that you are a very high-quality supplier. Thank you for your support. You have earned my business.

—Bob Schriewer, Hydra-Dyne


Another perfect manifold from Daman. Everything fit and bolted right up. You guys rock.  

—Jesse Knoble, Applications Engineer, Price Engineering


Your quality is pretty much perfect, what makes Daman miles above the rest is the speed and professionalism you guys provide when errors happen. Even this detailed message completely explaining the error is something we don't see from others.

—Wade Fulmer, Airline


Daman has done a great job for us! Their ability to improve delivery times if a customer needs a fast turnaround is exceptional.

—Richard Solomon - CFPSBranch Manager, Hydraulic Controls, Inc.


Customer service to me is a big thing. In dealing with Daman, their service has been quick, accurate, and friendly. I feel they value vendor/distributor relations which I believe should be like a friendship, rather than like someone who I just buy things from.

—Gary Scicluna - Hydraulic Engineer, Morrell


Daman's support and service over the years have been incredible.

—Tom Sweeney, Emerson


Retech is ‘thrilled’ with Daman’s level of service.

Thomas Stevenson, Zemarc Hayward


First, please allow me to take the time to thank you and your team on behalf of Hydradyne, for helping us continue to press forward with what we certainly hope will be a very large OEM customer. With special kudos to Mike and John for their tireless attention to detail and professionalism with manifolds. Their ability to deal with complexity far outweighs the price.    

Daman was able to deal with channel conflict created by the customer's purchasing team and thankfully handled it with openness, collaboration, and fairness. This is why I always come to Daman, and why as a company, we have worked so hard to get Daman specified. These are super-custom, and highly complex manifolds. Daman's value within your engineering and quotation teams should be commended. Thanks to all of you!

Thank you on behalf of Hydrazine! 

—Tim Gallaway, General Manager, Hydradyne Columbia S.C. & Charleston S.C.


I am very impressed with Daman’s capabilities and culture.

—Kevin Woehler, Group Manager - Technology Solutions, Muncie Power Products


As always, we appreciate Daman's integrity.  As you know, that is absolutely essential in a marketplace where multiple distributors call on the same account and yet we all have access to your product. Thank you and thanks to Daman for being one of our most valued and trusted suppliers.

—Mike McVay, Regional Manager, Cross Fluid Power


Having a very short timeframe, a lot of people at Daman knocked down some roadblocks and got our order out. This was just outstanding. Thank you! Big kudos to Daman. 

—Daniel J. Brandis, Account Manager, Western Integrated Technologies 


I am so glad that Daman has brought us together! Thank you for all of your help and for going the extra mile getting stuff for us. MFP and I really appreciate it!

—Emily Jansma,  Purchasing & Returns, MFP Automation Engineering


Daman’s support and professionalism are outstanding! I appreciate our relationship and have enjoyed working with Daman over the years.

—Mike Stelbotsky, Airline

I've always admired Daman, not only in the quality of your product but also the quality of your people. Friendly, knowledgeable and just plain, good people. It is a real pleasure to work with you.

—Jim Suvagian, Manifold Specialist, Price Engineering